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January 16

 none [0] HOLIDAY


January 17

 CC-S-100 [1]   Minimizing and Managing Student Discipline and Academic Misconduct Matters  
 CC-S-105 [1]   Learning from Students   
 CC-S-185 [2.5]   Environmental Sustainability Workshop: Living Green  
 CC-S-110 [1]   Accessibility   
 CC-S-115 [2]   Great practices in online teaching  
 CC-S-120 [3]   AFT - GCCCD Chairs/Coordinators Issues  
 CC-S-125 [2]   Math 90, 180, 245, 280, 281, 284, & 285 SLO Assessment  
 CC-S-130 [1]   How to Use EduStream  
 CC-S-1001 [4]   Communication Arts Fulltime Retreat  
 CC-S-140 [1.5]   AFT Teaching Tricks of the Trade  
 CC-S-145 [2]   Math Department Meeting  
 CC-S-1005 [4]   Industry2Classroom Teacher Preparation Pipeline Series-Learning Theories and Learning Styles  
 CC-S-150 [3]   Child Development Center and Program Joint Meeting  
 CC-S-160 [1]   WWTR New and Prospective Student Orientation  
 CC-S-155 [2]   AFT Adjunct Faculty Dinner   
 CC-S-170 [2]   Math 088, 103 & 110 SLO Assessment Workshop  
 CC-S-165 [2]   WWTR Department Meeting  


January 18

 CC-S-200 [1] Incorporating service-learning into your classroom
 - no flex - [0] COFFEE
 - no flex - [0] LUNCH
 CC-S-285 [3] Institutional Effectiveness and Resource Council (IERC) Meeting
 CC-S-210 [1.5] Warrior Traditions
 CC-S-215 [1.5] Dealing with Defensiveness in the Classroom and in the Workplace
 CC-S-220 [1.5] Sabbatical Presentations
 CC-S-1004 [4] Industry2Classroom Teacher Preparation Pipeline Series - Teaching Methods and Strategies
 CC-S-225 [1] Blackboard I - Getting Started with Blackboard
 CC-S-230 [2] Ornamental Horticulture New and Continuing Student Orientation
 CC-S-240 [1] Blackboard II - Managing the Course Menu and Adding Items to Blackboard
 CC-S-235 [1.5] Exercise Science and Health Education Department Meeting
 CC-S-245 [1.5] Exercise Science and Health Education Discipline-Based Meeting


January 19

 CC-S-305 [1]   Tour of the Heritage of the Americas Museum  
 CC-S-300 [1]   The New Districtwide Grants Development office - Introduction & Overview  
 CC-S-315 [1.5]   AFT MEETING with LUNCH  
 CC-S-320 [2]   Forum for Teaching Excellence: Focus on Grammar  
 CC-S-325 [1.5]   AFT sponsored CalSTRS Know Your Retirement  
 CC-S-335 [3]   SLO Assessment for Science & Engineering  
 CC-S-330 [3]   Atomic Culture: Remembering the Cold War 20 Years Later  
 CC-S-345 [1]   Blackboard III - Blackboard Grade Center  
 CC-S-350 [3]   ART Dept Meeting: Moving forward with Assessment Tools, Rubrics and Other Classroom/student Issues  
 CC-S-355 [3]   BOT updates (SLOs, software, etc)  
 CC-S-360 [1]   Blackboard IV Blackboard Tests and Quizzes  
 CC-S-375 [1.5]   HUM, PHIL, and RELG Discipline Discussions  
 CC-S-380 [0]   Communication Discipline Based Meeting - CANCELLED  
 CC-S-365 [3]   Ornamental Horticulture Department Meeting  
 CC-S-480 [2]   English SLO rubrics and level norming  
 CC-S-370 [3]   Counseling Department Meeting  
 CC-S-1003 [4]   Industry2Classroom Teacher Preparation Pipeline Series  
 CC-S-485 [1]   GD/CIS Curriculum Meeting  
 CC-S-400 [2]   Automotive Technology Department Meeting  
 CC-S-395 [3]   Performing Arts Department Meeting  
 CC-S-390 [1.5]   History, Social, and Behavioral Science Dept. Meeting  
 CC-S-405 [1.5]   EHSM Department Meeting  
 CC-S-385 [1.5]   Science & Engineering Department Meeting  
 CC-S-425 [1.5]   Humanities, Philosophy, Religious Studies Department Meeting  
 CC-S-430 [2]   Fitness Center-Procedures update  
 CC-S-420 [2]   Communication Arts All-faculty Meeting  
 CC-S-415 [3]   Business and Professional Studies Dept. & Discipline meetings  
 CC-S-410 [1.5]   CIS/GD Department Meeting  
 CC-S-435 [3]   CAD Department Meeting  
 CC-S-455 [1.5]   Science & Engineering Discipline Meetings  
 CC-S-450 [1.5]   EHSM Discipline Based Meeting  
 CC-S-440 [1.5]   History Social and Behavioral Science Program Meetings  
 CC-S-445 [1.5]   SLO and Program Planning Workshop for History Instructors  
 CC-S-460 [2]   Automotive Technology Discipline Based Meeting  
 CC-S-470 [1.5]   BOT Discipline Meeting  
 CC-S-465 [1.5]   GD Discipline meeting  
 CC-S-475 [1.5]   CIS Discipline Meeting  


January 20

 CC-S-500 [3]   Team Building Through Golf  
 CC-S-505 [3]   MATH - discussing the past, present and future  
 CC-S-510 [1]   Blackboard V Assignments and SafeAssignments  
 CC-S-1006 [2.5]   Room with a View  
 CC-S-515 [1.5]   Reading Discipline Meeting  
 CC-S-530 [1]   Active Learning Techniques for Biology/Science students  
 CC-S-525 [2]   Open Lab with Teaching & Learning Center Staff  
 CC-S-520 [2]   ESL Discipline Meeting  
 CC-S-535 [5]   Department of World Languages Meetings  
 CC-S-565 [4]   Student Services SLO Assessment, Program Review & Planning Meeting  
 CC-S-540 [4]   ESL Discipline Retreat  
 CC-S-545 [2]   Book discussion: Salman Rushdie's *The Enchantress of Florence*  
 CC-S-550 [2]   Tour of ASL Classrooms and Media Foyer and Presentation of the ASL Program  
 CC-S-1007 [4]   Industry2Classroom Teacher Preparation Pipeline Series-Classroom Management  


January 21

  CC-S-655 [8] ASL Faculty and Teaching Assistant Retreat  
  CC-S-665 [2] GD faculty retreat  

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