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The Easiest Diet in the World ... and it works!!!
Thursday, August 16
2:00pm to 03:30:00 PM (1.5 flex hours)

presented by Rich Stevens,
Workshop Number: CC-F-430
Location: H-127

I will present the highlights of the book I wrote (now in its 2nd edition)"The Easiest Diet in the World...And It Works!" I will explain how you can eat ANYTHING you want (ice cream, pasta, pizza, fats, carbs) and still lose at least 10% of your weight in less than six months and inches off your waist and be healthier than ever IF you follow the "secret ingredient" of the book. More about the book and me can be found on my free website: I will explain the 6 charts/logs I have included in the book and the Terrific Tips for Health Section of the book also. I lost 30 pounds and 4" off my waist in 4-5 months following the book's ideas. I went from 215# to 185# and 34" waist to 30" waist in 4-5 months when I started the plan 5 years ago and still use the book's ideas and maintain my weight plus or minus 3 pounds! I eat ice cream EVERY day!!






Revised   October 11, 2009
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