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Activity Details

Cisco Orientation
Saturday, August 18
9:00am to 12:00:00 PM ( flex hours)

presented by Anver Alam and Steven Grishkowsky,
Workshop Number: CC-F-720
Location: E-205 and E-207

Pre-course Orientation for new students to the Cisco Networking Academy at Cuyamaca College that includes enrollment into the Cisco Networking Academy (NetAcad), explanation of the Cisco NetAcad Program and the Cuyamaca College NetAcad Flex program, introduction to the NetAcad website and Blackboard, and a brief walk-thru of the lab

Students need to be enrolled in one of Cuyamaca College's Cisco NetAcad classes or be on the waiting list.






Revised   October 11, 2009
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