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Activity Details

Tour of ASL Classrooms and Media Foyer and Presentation of the ASL Program
Friday, January 20
3:00pm to 05:00:00 PM (2 flex hours)

presented by Therese Botz, Kelley Nielsen, Jennifer Smith,
Workshop Number: CC-S-550
Location: Meet in the ASL Foyer

A tour of the ASL Classrooms and Media Foyer will be given to the workshop participants. The history and development of the ASL Program will be presented using a multi-media approach. The use of technology in the ASL curriculum will be highlighted and demonstrated including the use of "laptop backpacks" for student generated video projects. ASL's pioneering use of iTunesU as a method of increasing student retention and success will be discussed and demonstrated. The discipline's unique features will be detailed including the volunteer tutoring free to all ASL students, the Mentored Teaching Assistants program, the ASL Choir and the Cuyamaca American Sign Language Association (CCASLA).






Revised   October 11, 2009
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