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Activity Details

Math 90, 180, 245, 280, 281, 284, & 285 SLO Assessment
Tuesday, January 17
3:00pm to 05:00:00 PM (2 flex hours)

presented by Terrie Nichols, Eric Preibisius, Tammi Marshall, Dan Curtis,
Workshop Number: CC-S-125
Location: H-127

We'll break out into groups to discuss SLO assessment for Math 90 and Math 180 and above. The Math 90 group will discuss strategies for improving student attainment of the SLO identified during the Fall 2010 SLO workshop as well as plans for reassessing these slo this semester. The Math 180 and above group will discuss proposed revisions to the course-level SLO for Math 180, 245, 280, 281, 284, and 285 and plans for assessment of these courses.






Revised   October 11, 2009
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