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Book Discussion: Junot Daz, *This Is How You Lose Her*
Friday, January 25
12:00pm to 02:00:00 PM (2 flex hours)

presented by Tim Pagaard, Chuck Charter,
Workshop Number: CC-S-572
Location: B-167

*This Is How You Lose Her* is "a collection of love stories, but for all the sexy bits and all the heartache, for all that four of the nine stories are named for lovers and eight of the nine revolve around relationships gone sour, Daz is most affecting when he's writing about the inescapable undertow of family history and cultural mores, about the endless difficulty of loving oneself. In fact, he's always writing about these more elemental quandaries, exploring the way they carry over and undergird the challenges to romantic love." (Leah Hager Cohen, New York Times).






Revised   October 11, 2009
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