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August 11

  [1.5] Homework and Grades and Student Success
  [3] SLO - Analysis for Psychology and Sociology
  [7] Instructional Council Retreat
  [1] White Solidarity or White Opportunism? When Good Intentions Go Bad in Working with Minoritized Students on Campus
  [2] Grant Writing Basics
  [1] 1 hour CPR non-certified training (preregistration required)
  [2] Gear Up for Success In Chem 120
  [2] Athletic Compliance & CCCAA Coaching Exam
  [1] SLOs Assessment Tracking Form, Schedule & Updates
  [] Preparing Courses in Blackboard for a New Semester
  [1] Program Review & Planning Template Updates
  [1] Student Discipline and Academic Misconduct Matters
  [1] Website Redesign
  [3] New Faculty Orientation


August 12

  [3]   Gear Up for Success in Chem 141  
  [2]   Gear Up for Success in Math Workshops  
  [3]   DISC Style Assessment (preregistration required)  
  [2]   Kill your PowerPoint  
  [1]   Kognito Online Diversity Training Modules  
  [2]   What's Your Strength? (preregistration required)  
  [1]   Crisis & Prevention Team Overview  
  [2]   Sustainability Summit   
  [1]   Scholarships - help your student apply and stay in class  
  [1.5]   Meet The Triathletes of Team Challenge: Living and thriving with Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis  
  [1]   Azerbaijan Ballet Project: Seven Beauties  
  [1.5]   Great Practices in Online Teaching  
  [2]   Best Practices Show and Tell - Mathematics  
  [1.5]   Student Research Projects Showcase  
  [1]   Tour of the Heritage of the Americas Museum  
  [2]   Basic Skills Committee Reporting Meeting  
  [3]   Gear Up for Success in Chem 102  
  [1.5]   Driving Safety  
  [4]   Communication Arts Fulltime Retreat  
  [2]   CCCAA Coaching Exam  
  [2]   Gear Up for Success In Chem 120  
  [1.5]   Accessibility   
  [2]   AFT: Managing your Money and Estate  
  [2]   Math Department Meeting  
  [1.5]   Blackboard I: Getting Started  
  [3]   Child Development Center and Program Joint Meeting  
  [1.5]   EHSM Department Meeting  
  [1]   WWTR New and Prospective Student Orientation  
  [2]   WWTR Department Meeting  
  [1]   Blackboard II: Course Menu and Adding Items  
  [1.5]   EHSM Discipline Based Meeting  


August 13

 - no flex - [0] BREAKFAST
  [3.5] CONVOCATION and more
  [3] Gear Up for Success in Chem 141
 - no flex - [0] LUNCH
  [2] CTE Division Meeting
  [2] Teaching Techniques in the Sciences
  [2] Words and Music
  [1] CIS Web SLO Assessment Meeting
  [1.5] Moving to Windows 7
  [2] Athletic Department Meeting
  [2] Communication Department Meeting
  [1.5] Blackboard III: Grade Center
  [2] Ornamental Horticulture New and Continuing Student Orientation
  [1] Blackboard V: Assignments and SafeAssignments
  [1.5] Exercise Science and Health Education Department Meeting
  [1.5] Exercise Science and Health Education Discipline-Based Meeting


August 14

  [2]   Gear Up for Success in Math Workshops  
  [1.5]   AFT MEETING with LUNCH  
  [4]   Science & Engineering SLO Discussion  
  [1]   AFT Adjunct Faculty Meeting   
  [1]   Understanding Your Immigrant and Refugee Students  
  [1]   Website Redesign  
  [1]   Partnering with Continuing Education  
  [1]   ABC's of Long Term Care Insurance  
  [4]   Cisco Retooling  
  [1.5]   AFT Becoming Full-Time   
  [1]   Video Everywhere!  
  [3]   BOT SLO Assessment Meeting  
  [1]   Blackboard IV: Tests and Quizzes  
  [3]   Counseling Department Meeting  
  [1]   Noncredit Instructor Meeting  
  [1.5]   HUM PHIL and RELG Discipline Discussions  
  [1]   CS SLO Assessment Meeting  
  [3]   Ornamental Horticulture Department Meeting  
  [2]   Automotive Technology Department Meeting  
  [3]   Fitness Center-Procedures update  
  [1]   CIS Network/Telecom SLO Assessment Meeting  
  [3]   Performing Arts Department Meeting  
  [1.5]   History Social and Behavioral Science Dept. Meeting  
  [1.5]   Science & Engineering Department Meeting  
  [1.5]   CIS/GD Department Meeting  
  [1.5]   HUM PHIL REL Department Meeting  
  [3]   Business and Professional Studies Dept. & Discipline meetings  
  [2]   Communication Arts All-faculty Meeting  
  [3]   CADD Technology and Surveying Department Meeting  
  [1.5]   Science & Engineering Discipline Meetings  
  [1.5]   History Social and Behavioral Science Program Meetings  
  [2]   Automotive Technology Discipline Based Meeting  
  [1.5]   BOT Discipline Meeting  
  [1.5]   GD Discipline Meeting  
  [1.5]   CIS Discipline Meeting  


August 15

  [2]   GD SLO Assessment Meeting  
  [4]   Cuyamaca Nature Preserve Restoration, Phase I  
  [3]   Team Building Through Golf (preregistration required)  
  [4]   Ride for Development   
  [3]   Reading Discipline Meeting  
  [3]   AFT - Chairs/Coordinators Issues  
  [1]   CIS Business SLO Assessment Meeting  
  []   Tenure Review Workshop  
  [3]   Math Department Program Review and Planning  
  [6]   American Sign Language Department Retreat  
  [1.5]   CalPERS Benefit Basics  
  [2]   ESL Discipline Meeting  
  [2]   CIS Cisco SLO Assessment Meeting  
  [5]   World Language Department Meeting  
  [1.5]   Know Your Full-Time Employee Benefits  
  [2]   ESL Discipline Retreat  
  [2]   Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Non-Geography Classes  
  [2]   ESL Discipline Retreat (part 2)  


August 16

  [3] Cisco Orientation  


  [3] 10/17 ESL SLO meeting (October 17)  
  [1.5] 09/05 iNaturalist and the Cuyamaca Preserve (SEPTEMBER 5)  
  [4] 09/12 Night at the Old Globe Theater:Two Gentlemen of Verona (SEPTEMBER 12)  
  [4] 07/12 Night at the Old GlobeTheater--Into the Woods (JULY 12)  

If you were a presenter/facilitator, please indicate workshop number(s) and hours. You can also include title and hours for Grossmont flex week workshops here as long as you do not also claim them from Grossmont. For Individual Activities, complete a Proposal or Completed Activity form.

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