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January 19

 - no flex - [] Martin Luther King Holiday


January 20

  [1]   Grant Writing  
  [3]   SLO - Analysis for Psychology and Sociology  
  [1]   Powering Your Workday  
  [2]   Got Water? Sustainability for Our Future  
  [1]   Student Equity Initiatives  
  [2]   Wordpress Blogs  
  [1.5]   Accelerating in ESL--Are You Kidding Me?  
  [1]   Faculty role in an Active Shooter Event  
  []   How to Conduct Online Faculty Evaluations  
  [1]   Video Streaming Databases  
  [1]   Heritage of the Amercas Museum Tour  
  [3]   AFT - Chairs/Coordinators Issues  
  [3]   Child Development Dialogue: SLOs  
  [2]   Diversity Equity and Inclusion Film and Discussion  
  [2]   Chemistry 102 Coordination Meeting  
  [4]   Communication Arts Fulltime Retreat  
  [1.5]   AFT Changes to the CBA  
  [2]   Math Department Meeting  
  [3]   Child Development Center and Program Joint Meeting  
  [1]   WWTR New and Prospective Student Orientation  
  [1.5]   EHSM Department Meeting  
  [3]   New Faculty Orientation  
  [2]   WWTR Department Meeting  
  [1.5]   EHSM Discipline Based Meeting  


January 21

  [2] State of the College and Awards
  [0] LUNCH
  [2] CTE Division Meeting
  [2] Math Science & Engineering Division Meeting
  [2] Learning & Technology Resources Division Meeting
  [1.5] Accessibility
  [2] Words and Music
  [2] Communication Department Meeting
  [2] Athletic Department Meeting
  [1.5] Blackboard I: Getting Started
  [2] Ornamental Horticulture New and Continuing Student Orientation
  [1.5] Exercise Science and Health Education Department Meeting
  [1] Blackboard II: Course Menu and Adding Items
  [1.5] Exercise Science and Health Education Discipline-Based Meeting
  [1] CIS Web SLO Assessment Meeting


January 22

  [3]   Science & Engineering SLO Discussions  
  [3]   Science Engineering & Math Schedule Planning & Coordination  
  [1.5]   Geometers SketchPad - Software for math presentations  
  [2]   Editing Websites with Cascade Server  
  [2]   History SLO Meeting  
  [1]   Suicide Prevention Training  
  [4]   Cisco Retooling  
  [1]   Powering Your Workday  
  []   ART dept. meeting  
  [1.5]   AFT: What you should know about retirement from those who have  
  [1]   Creating and Maintaining Faculty Websites  
  [3]   BOT SLO Assessment Meeting  
  [1.5]   HUM PHIL and RELG Discipline Discussions  
  [3]   Counseling Department Meeting  
  [3]   Ornamental Horticulture Department Meeting  
  [1]   CS SLO Assessment Meeting  
  [2]   English SLO Meeting  
  [1]   AFT Adjunct Faculty Meeting   
  [1.5]   Science & Engineering Department Meeting  
  [1]   CIS Network/Telecom SLO Assessment Meeting  
  [3]   Performing Arts Department Meeting  
  [1.5]   History Social and Behavioral Science Dept. Meeting  
  [1]   GD SLO Assessment Meeting  
  [2]   Automotive Technology Department Meeting  
  [3]   Fitness Center-Procedures update  
  [1.5]   CIS/GD Department Meeting  
  [1.5]   HUM PHIL REL Department Meeting  
  [3]   CADD Technology and Surveying Department Meeting  
  [3]   Business and Professional Studies Dept. & Discipline meetings  
  [2]   Communication Arts All-faculty Meeting  
  [1.5]   Science & Engineering Discipline Meetings  
  [1.5]   History Social and Behavioral Science Program Meetings  
  [2]   Automotive Technology Discipline Based Meeting  
  [1.5]   GD Discipline Meeting  
  [1.5]   CIS Discipline Meeting  
  [1.5]   BOT Discipline Meeting  


January 23

  [3]   Team Building Through Golf (preregistration required)  
  [3]   Reading Discipline Meeting  
  [2]   Editing Websites with Cascade Server  
  [3]   Math Department Program Review and Planning  
  [1]   CIS Business SLO Assessment Meeting  
  [6]   American Sign Language Department Retreat  
  [2]   CIS Cisco SLO Assessment Meeting  
  [2]   ESL Discipline Meeting  
  [1]   Creating and Maintaining Faculty Websites  
  [5]   World Language Department Meeting  
  [2]   Book Discussion  
  [2]   ESL Discipline Retreat  
  [1.5]   AFT Changes to the CBA  
  [2]   ESL Discipline Retreat (part 2)  


January 24

  [3] Cisco Orientation  


  [3] ESL SLO meeting  
  [4] 09/12 Night at the Old Globe:Two Gentlemen of Verona   
  [4] 07/12 Night at the Old Globe--Into the Woods  

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