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Jodi Reed & Kerry Kilber

jodi.reed (at)
phone: (619) 660-4405
fax: (619) 660-4493


Request for Mentoring/Advising Hours

Step 2: Enter your Hours

Submit the form below for each day/time you are able to advise students during professional development week. You are eligible for up to 5 hours.

Teacher: Please select an item.
If you have not already entered your name, please go to step 1.
Date: Please select an item.
Start time: Please select an item. for


Your name and hours will be made available to Counseling, Admissions and Records, and EOPS in order to refer students to your office. You DO NOT need to include these hours on any other forms.

Teacher Date Time
Nancy Jennings August 12 1:30pm for 3 hours
Nancy Jennings August 14 9:00am for 2 hours
Pat Newman August 14 11:00am for 4 hours
Marie Ramos August 12 1:00pm for 3 hours
Marie Ramos August 12 9:00am for 2 hours
David Raney August 11 5:00pm for 2 hours
David Raney August 14 5:00pm for 2 hours





Revised   September 04, 2013
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