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All presentation requests are reviewed and approved by the Professional Development Committee. Proposals received after the due date will be considered. The committee encourages evening workshops (so Part-time faculty may attend) and workshops focused on teaching and learning.

Spring 2015 Call for Presentations - Due November 17

Wednesday 10-3 is reserved for College-wide and Division activities.

Presenters/facilitators receive two hours Professional Development for every hour of presentation (2 for 1). No professional development is given for breakfast or lunch.


Presenter’s Responsibilities

  • Submit a Call For Presentations Form.
  • Participate in the planning and delivery of the workshop.
  • Make all arrangements for handouts, room set-up, and required computer and audiovisual equipment. The Professional Development Committee will assist if given prior notice.
  • At the workshop, distribute and collect sign-in forms and evaluations. These forms will be put in the presenters’ mailboxes prior to their presentations.
  • Return the completed sign-in forms and evaluation forms to the Office of the Professional Development Administrator.
  • If you must cancel, notify the Professional Development Administrator as soon as possible.

Revised   October 31, 2014
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