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Faculty are required to complete flex hours by attending Scheduled Activities or completing Individual Activities. These are paid hours, and forms must be submitted on time to receive the pay.

Scheduled Activities

  1. Choose activities during Professional Development Week from the Scheduled Activities.
    • Full Time Faculty: 40 hours per year.
    • Adjunct Faculty & Extra Pay: 1 hour for each assigned instructional hour (1 lecture unit = 3 hour, 1 lab unit = 3 hours).
  2. Attend workshops and sign the attendance sheets.
  3. Submit the Record of Attendance online after Professional Development Week.


Alternative Activities

  1. Review guidelines for individual activities.
  2. Submit the Individual Activity Proposal at least a month before the final due date for pre-approval.
  3. Complete the activity and submit the Completed Activity Form with evidence of completion during the allowed time frame.
    NOTE: Completed Activity Forms will be accepted without an approved proposal, but it's to your advantage to have your activities pre-approved.

Adjunct Faculty Time Frame:

FALL: July 1 to the 12th week of class
Spring: week 13 of fall to week 12 of spring semester, or roll over extra hour from fall
DISCLAIMER: If a part-time faculty member chooses to engage in professional development activities earlier than flex week, and if her/his teaching load is subsequently reduced, she/he is not entitled to be compensated for the extra hours.

Full Time Faculty Time Frame: July 1 and week 12 of spring semester.



You may check the status of your hours by logging in to Blackboard. We do send reminders to your WebAdvisor email address when we don't get paperwork, but it is your responsibility to confirm your hours. (Do you need instructions on how to change your WebAdvisor email address?)


Revised   November 07, 2014
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