Monday, August 13

6:30am-2300  Martin Luther King Holiday  campus closed  

Tuesday, August 14

8:00am-900  Grant Writing  to be assigned: E-204  
9:00am-1200  SLO - Analysis for Psychology and Sociology  Requested: H-119  
9:00am-1000  Powering Your Workday  location to be assigned  
9:30am-1130  Got Water? Sustainability for Our Future  location to be assigned  
10:00am-1100  Student Equity Initiatives  location to be assigned  
10:00am-1200  Wordpress Blogs  location to be assigned  
10:30am-1200  Accelerating in ESL--Are You Kidding Me?  to be assigned: B-159  
11:00am-1200  Faculty role in an Active Shooter Event  location to be assigned  
12:00pm-1300  How to Conduct Online Faculty Evaluations  location to be assigned  
1:00pm-1400  Video Streaming Databases  location to be assigned  
1:00pm-1400  Heritage of the Amercas Museum Tour  Heritage of the Americas Museum  
1:30pm-1630  AFT - Chairs/Coordinators Issues  AFT Office in Mission Valley  
2:00pm-1700  Child Development Dialogue: SLOs  to be assigned: R-111  
2:30pm-1630  Diversity Equity and Inclusion Film and Discussion  location to be assigned  
4:00pm-1800  Chemistry 102 Coordination Meeting  to be assigned: H-204  
4:00pm-2000  Communication Arts Fulltime Retreat  Requested: B-167  
4:30pm-1800  AFT Changes to the CBA  Grossmont College: room 31-370  
5:00pm-1900  Math Department Meeting  Requested: H-127  
5:30pm-2030  Child Development Center and Program Joint Meeting  to be assigned: R-111  
6:00pm-1900  WWTR New and Prospective Student Orientation  to be assigned: F-607  
6:00pm-1930  EHSM Department Meeting  to be assigned: F-724  
6:00pm-2100  New Faculty Orientation  Requested: B-365  
7:00pm-2100  WWTR Department Meeting  Requested: F-613  
7:30pm-2100  EHSM Discipline Based Meeting  to be assigned: F-724  

Wednesday, August 15

9:30am-1000 COFFEE SERVICE  Performing Arts Theatre (B-117)  
10:00am-1200 State of the College and Awards  Performing Arts Theatre (B-117)  
12:00pm-1300 LUNCH  Communication Arts Patio  
1:00pm-1500 CTE Division Meeting  Requested: E-222  
1:00pm-1500 Math Science & Engineering Division Meeting  Requested: I-209  
1:00pm-1500 Learning & Technology Resources Division Meeting  Requested: room in library  
3:00pm-1630 Accessibility   to be assigned: E-206  
3:00pm-1700 Words and Music  Performing Arts Theatre (B117)  
5:00pm-1900 Communication Department Meeting  Requested: B-253  
5:00pm-1900 Athletic Department Meeting  Requested: I-107  
5:30pm-1900 Blackboard I: Getting Started  to be assigned: E-206  
6:00pm-2000 Ornamental Horticulture New and Continuing Student Orientation  Requested: M-111  
7:00pm-2030 Exercise Science and Health Education Department Meeting  to be assigned: D-203  
7:00pm-2000 Blackboard II: Course Menu and Adding Items  to be assigned: E-206  
8:30pm-2200 Exercise Science and Health Education Discipline-Based Meeting  to be assigned: D-203  
10:00pm-2300 CIS Web SLO Assessment Meeting   to be assigned: E-204  

Thursday, August 16

9:00am-1200 Science & Engineering SLO Discussions  to be assigned: H-221  
10:00am-1200 JOINT ACADEMIC SENATE MEETING  Cuyamaca College Student Center  
12:00pm-1330 AFT GUILD LOCAL 1931 MEETING w/LUNCH  Cuyamaca College Student Center  
1:00pm-1600 Science Engineering & Math Schedule Planning & Coordination  to be assigned: H-222  
1:30pm-1500 Geometers SketchPad - Software for math presentations  to be assigned: H-119  
1:30pm-1530 Editing Websites with Cascade Server  to be assigned: E-206  
2:00pm-1600 History SLO Meeting  Requested: F-517  
2:00pm-1500 Suicide Prevention Training  to be assigned: E-204  
2:30pm-1830 Cisco Retooling  to be assigned: E-207  
3:00pm-1600 Powering Your Workday  to be assigned: E-206  
3:00pm-1830 ART dept. meeting  location to be assigned  
3:00pm-1630 AFT: What you should know about retirement from those who have  Requested: E-222  
3:30pm-1630 Creating and Maintaining Faculty Websites  to be assigned: E-206  
4:00pm-1900 BOT SLO Assessment Meeting  to be assigned: E-120  
5:00pm-1830 HUM PHIL and RELG Discipline Discussions  Off Campus - Please Contact the Presenter  
5:00pm-2000 Counseling Department Meeting  Requested: Transfer Center  
5:00pm-2000 Ornamental Horticulture Department Meeting  Requested: M-111  
5:00pm-1800 CS SLO Assessment Meeting  E-107  
5:00pm-1900 English SLO Meeting  Requested: B-167  
5:00pm-1800 AFT Adjunct Faculty Meeting   Requested: E-222  
6:00pm-1930 Science & Engineering Department Meeting  to be assigned: H-221  
6:00pm-1900 CIS Network/Telecom SLO Assessment Meeting  E-107 office  
6:00pm-2100 Performing Arts Department Meeting  Requested: B-301  
6:00pm-1930 History Social and Behavioral Science Dept. Meeting  Requested: F-512  
6:00pm-1900 GD SLO Assessment Meeting  E-107  
6:00pm-2000 Automotive Technology Department Meeting  Requested: K-114  
6:00pm-2100 Fitness Center-Procedures update  to be assigned: Fitness Center - D-203  
7:00pm-2030 CIS/GD Department Meeting  Requested: E-204  
7:00pm-2030 HUM PHIL REL Department Meeting  Requested: F-710  
7:00pm-2200 CADD Technology and Surveying Department Meeting  Requested: F-601  
7:00pm-2200 Business and Professional Studies Dept. & Discipline meetings  to be assigned: E-223  
7:00pm-2100 Communication Arts All-faculty Meeting  Requested: B-167  
7:30pm-2100 Science & Engineering Discipline Meetings  to be assigned: Biology H-221. Anatomy H-207. Chemistry H-204. Physics H-223. Earth Science H-224  
7:30pm-2100 History Social and Behavioral Science Program Meetings  Requested: F-512  
8:00pm-2200 Automotive Technology Discipline Based Meeting  Requested: K-114  
8:30pm-2200 GD Discipline Meeting  Requested: E-222  
8:30pm-2200 CIS Discipline Meeting  Requested: E-204  
8:30pm-2200 BOT Discipline Meeting  to be assigned: E-120  

Friday, August 17

8:00am-1100 Team Building Through Golf (preregistration required)  Contact Presenter for Location  
8:30am-1130 Reading Discipline Meeting  to be assigned: B-172  
9:00am-1100 Editing Websites with Cascade Server  to be assigned: E-206  
9:00am-1200 Math Department Program Review and Planning  Requested: H-113  
9:00am-1000 CIS Business SLO Assessment Meeting  E-107  
9:30am-1530 American Sign Language Department Retreat  Requested: B-162 and B-164  
10:00am-1200 CIS Cisco SLO Assessment Meeting  E-107 office  
10:00am-1200 ESL Discipline Meeting  Requested: B-159  
11:00am-1200 Creating and Maintaining Faculty Websites  to be assigned: E-206  
11:00am-1600 World Language Department Meeting  Requested: F-502  
12:00pm-1400 Book Discussion  Requested: B-167  
12:00pm-1400 ESL Discipline Retreat  Requested: B-159  
2:00pm-1530 AFT Changes to the CBA  Cuyamaca College Student Center  
2:00pm-1600 ESL Discipline Retreat (part 2)  Requested: B 159  

Saturday, August 18

9:00am-1200 Cisco Orientation  to be assigned: E-205 and E-207