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Video Promotional Ads:


Cuyamaca College's Promotional Video Ads

Welcome to Cuyamaca College's promotional video ads library with our most current ads listed first. Some of the ads have been provided in two (2) versions or file types: Windows Media Player and/or QuickTime for cross-platform compatibility and Adobe Flash Player. We have also provided the transcript for some of the videos in PDF format. Should you need to download software to view these videos, please click on plug-ins here or at the left navigation area and select the software you need and it will download and install on your computer. We also have provided instructions for turning on and off closed-captioning in Windows Media Player.
PLEASE NOTE: Because of the size of these files, you will notice a slight delay of about two to five seconds from the time you click on the file name to when the media player opens and file actually begins to play, especially with the QuickTime files. Thank you.

Take a Virtual Tour of Cuyamaca College (Windows Media Player - 8.7mb)

Promo: College Ad - Fall, 2008 - Large (Adobe Flash Player - 3.9mb)
Promo: College Ad - Fall, 2008 - Small (Adobe Flash Player - 1.7mb)

Transcript for Career Video (pdf)
Promo: Career Video (Windows Media Player - 3.2mb)

Promo: Career Video (QuickTime - 2.2mb)

Transcript for Transfer Video (pdf)
Promo: Transfer Video (Windows Media Player - 3.2mb)

Promo: Transfer Video (QuickTime - 2mb)

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