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Emergency Financial Assistance Program

Dreamkeepers is CLOSED please check back in the Spring.

Developed with support from the Wal-Mart Foundation and with additional fundraising by The Foundation for Grossmont & Cuyamaca Colleges, the Dreamkeepers Emergency Financial Assistance program at Cuyamaca College can provide students with non-recurring emergency funding to allow them to remain in school when faced with unexpected financial hardships. As funding is limited, not all requests can be approved and it is important that you are specific and detailed when answering the on-line application questions and when providing the required documentation to verify your emergency expenses.

For further individual assistance and guidance in applying for Dreamkeepers, please contact the Financial Aid Office (619) 660-4537 to make an appointment. We are located in the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office (Building 300) at the Student Services Center. Walk-in appointments are available but very limited so we encourage you to call to make an appointment.

Please click on the “Resources for Students” button to view programs that may be of assistance to you.

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