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Use the directory of scholarship websites and guides listed below to search for individual scholarships, these links are the most   common websites used to search for scholarships.  The links in the column to the left will provide further resources for your scholarship search. The "University Transfer Scholarship" link will provide you with access to a majority of the most popular universities.

African American Scholarships

AB 540/The California Dream Act Resources

African American Scholarships

African American Scholarship Guide

African American Scholarship Resource

Asian American Scholarship Guide

Arab American Scholarships

DACA Non Citizenship/Resident Scholarship Guide(New)

Arab American Scholarships

Disabled Students Scholarship Guide

Fast Web

General Scholarship Guide


Hispanic Scholarship Guide

Geneseo Migrant Center

LGBT Scholarship Guide

Hispanic (HSF) Scholarship

Low Income Scholarship Guide

HACU Scholarships

Native American Scholarships Guide

HSF/Es El Memento Scholarship

Women Scholarships Guide

Iranian American Scholarship Fund

National Italian American Scholarships Guide

Latino College Funds

New Americans & Minorities Scholarships Guide

Only Scholarships

Pay for College Scholarship Guide 2013

Scholarships America

Undocumented Immigrant Scholarship Guide

SD Foundation (Common Application Deadline 2/5/14

Undocumented Immigrant Scholarship Guide

Students with Disabilities Scholarships



Click on the links below to read the scholarship flyer

  American Assoc. of Univ. Women (LM/EC) **

  Barnes and Nobles Scholarship (Fall) *

  Barnes and Nobles Scholarship (Spring) *

  Cuyamaca College Scholarship

  Cuyamaca College Foundation (High School Sr.)*

  Dan Loreman Scholarship* (Automobile Technology)*

  GKN Chem-tronics Engineering Scholarship (Sciences)*

  OSHER Scholarships (Various)**

* Fill out one Cuyamaca College Scholarship for each Academic Year

** Fill out Specific Sponsor's Application

  Scholarship Winners  2013 2014 All Scholarship Recipients

For further individual assistance and guidance in applying for scholarships, please contact the Scholarship Office.  We are located in the Financial Aid Office (Building 300) at the Student Services Center. To make an appointment please call (619) 660-4537 or drop by, our walk-in appointments are also available after 12 pm each day on a space available basis.

Ernest Williams


Scholarship Specialist

Financial Aid Office

(619) 660-4537


*Cuyamaca College Financial Aid Office does not guarantee the accuracy of translated text through Google Translate. If the information you are translating is not clear, please return to the home page of Cuyamaca College Financial Aid & Scholarships, click "Contact Us," and call for assistance, or email your question to the appropriate Advisor. Cuyamaca College Financial Aid Office disclaims and will not accept any liability for any problems caused by the use of the Google Translate feature.


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