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Scholarship Mistakes & Tips

The most common scholarship mistakes are listed below.

Place your cursor over the term or phrase to see the related information.

Misspellings No Paragraphs
Incomplete sentences Underlining or ALL CAPS
No capitalization Apostrophes
Missing punctuation Capitalization
Poor grammar and sentences Misspellings and Poor grammar
Run-on sentences Answer the Question
  Keep it formal


Tip #1: Applying for eligible scholarship

Tip #6: Write a strong essay

Tip #2: Follow all directions

Tip #7: Give it a final “once-over”

Tip #3: Neatness is most important

Tip #8: Keep a back-up file of all applications
Tip #4: Ask for scholarship help Tip #9: Watch all deadlines
Tip #5: Complete your application in full Tip #10: Ensure your application package is complete


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