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Cuyamaca College: Students with Disability Scholarships

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Students with Disability Scholarships and Guides

Please use the scholarship links listed below, (links will take you to a different webpage) review each scholarship link to determine for which scholarships you may apply.  When reviewing each link below completely read each scholarship application package and note any questions you may have.  Please contact my office for assistance to help answer those questions you may have regarding the scholarship and the scholarship process.

Alphabetical Listing of Scholarships

A - M

N - Z

American Council of the Blind
American Foundation of the Blind
AmeriGlide Achiever Scholarship (Mobility)
Autism Scholarships
Cancer Scholarships (Health Impairment)
Caregiver Scholarships
CCLVI Scholarship (Vision Disability)
Christian Record Service (For The Blind)
ChairScholars Foundation (Mobility)
CFCare Forward Scholarship (Health Imp.)
Cystic Fibrosis Scholarships (Health Imp.)
Deaf, Hearing Loss, Hearing Imp. Scholarships
DLH Foundation Scholarship (Cancer Surv./Dep.)
Disabled Students Scholarship “Guide
Ferrell Scholarship (Blind & Visually Imp.)
General Disability Scholarships
Hemophilia Federation of America (Health Imp.)
Hydrophilic Scholarship
Immunodeficiency Scholarships (Health Imp.)
Lighthouse Scholarships (For the Blind)
Lupus Scholarships (Hearing)
National Center for Learning Disabilities
National Federation of the Blind
National Hemophilia Foundation (Health Imp.)
Other Disability Scholarships (Health Imp.)
Patient Advocacy Foundation (Various)
Peyton Goddard Scholarship (CC DSPS APP.)
Reintegration Scholarship (Mental Health)
Saralu Belkoffer Scholarship (Learning Dis.)
Sertoma Scholarship (Hearing)
Special Needs Students (CEC)
Shire ADHD Scholarship (Health Imp.)
Spina Bifida Scholarship Program (Physical)
Ulman Cancer Fund Scholarship
Walker Mobility Scholarship (Phys./Mobility) (New)
Wheelchair Scholarship (Phys./Mobility)
Wheelchair User Scholarships (Health Imp.)
Williams & Dorothy Ferrell Scholarship (Phys. Mobility)

Scholarship Links

Additional Links

 Scholarship Links and Resources

 Minority, Womens & Ethnic

 Disabled Students Scholarships

 NEW! Scholarships (Rev 05/30/12)

 University Transfer Scholarships

Application Links

 Cuyamaca College Application

 Osher Scholarship Application

 Goddard Scholarship

 C. C. Foundation High School App.

 AAUW Application

 SD Foundaton Application

 Ornamental Horticulture Applications

Assistance Links

 Scholarship Process

 Essay Writting

 Scholarship Myths


 Financial Aid Home

 Scholarship Home

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