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The greatest myth (misconception) is that only athletic and academic scholarships exist; that scholarships are only for those select students gifted enough to earn them. 

Strictly speaking, this is not the case! 


There are various types of scholarships available today; those scholarships include those for financial need, minorities, gender specific, age specific, academic major, international students, international studies, and many others.  These scholarships are funded through private sponsors, foundations, philanthropic organizations, and major corporations. 

The key to winning a scholarship is to apply for those scholarships that are in alignment with you strengths; such as Gender, Minority, GPA, Community Service, Financial Need etc....


My parents make to much money

The deadlines for applying occur only in the Fall

Grades are the only criteria for the award

I am too old to earn a scholarship

Scholarships interfere with financial aid


Financial need is not a pre-qualifier for most scholarships.

Scholarship deadlines vary depending on the sponsors desires.

Grades are only one type of qualifier; there are many other types of scholarships available.

Scholarships don't screen applicants out due to age; however there are age specific scholarships for older students.

Scholarships work with your financial aid not against.

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