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Getting Started


Getting Started

Follow the steps below to apply and register for classes at Cuyamaca College.
For non-credit classes, see Continuing Education.

Step 1 - Apply Online

  • Before you can register for classes, you must fill out an application to the college. This can be done online and it is free!
  • Start early! Steps 1 through 5 must be completed before you register. See the Academic Calendar for important deadlines.
  • For more information about applying visit the Admissions and Records website.

Step 2 - Send Your Transcripts

Step 3 - Online Orientation

  • To get the earliest new student registration date, you must complete the Online Orientation (Step 3), Assessment (Step 4), and Online Advising (Step 5) in that order.
  • Watch a video to learn how to use WebAdvisor.
  • Complete the Online Orientation:
    1. Login to WebAdvisor
    2. Click the Students tab
    3. Under Orientation/Assess/Advising, click Step One - Online Orientation
  • See the Counseling website for more information.

Step 4 - Take English and Math Assessment Test

  • Assessment is a placement test that determines what math or English class you will begin with in college.
  • Please visit the Assessment Center page to find out how to make an assessment appointment and other important information.

Step 5 - New Student Advising

  • Complete Online Advising after completing the Online Orientation (Step 3) and Assessment (Step 4).
  • If you are exempt from taking the Assessment, and have course work from another institution, you may see a counselor.
  • Complete New Student Advising:
    1. Login to WebAdvisor
    2. Click Students
    3. Under Orientation/Assess/Advising, click Step Three - Online Advising
  • See the Counseling website for more information.

Step 6 - Register and Pay Fees

Step 7 - Attend Classes

  • Find your classrooms on the campus map.
  • Students taking online classes access them through Blackboard on the day the class starts.