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This site is designed to be a center and resource for Cuyamaca faculty teaching online. It is planned to be both informative and inviting covering a wide range of issues and solutions, new ideas for course design, helpful links, and resources. Hopefully, instructors will use this site frequently as a home base for online teaching information. Although this site uses Blackboard as the main course management system (as it has become the standard for our district), most of the information could apply to other CMSs as well. If you are new to online teaching, review some of the terms on the right sidebar.

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Site Development

The site is a work in progress (as there are still many unfinished areas) and is designed to constantly change and evolve with continued faculty input and changes in technology and district policy. Everyone is invited to give input, suggest changes and additions. All information and code is open to modification and will soon become an "open source" site.

This site was developed as part of Tom Doyle's Fall 08 sabbatical project. He used input of many online instructors, his own 8 years of experience teaching online classes, and many other sources that are listed in the "Credits" window on the right sidebar.

Original Author/Developer: Tom Doyle (email contact)

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Guide to Best Practices in Online Teaching


Best Practices Checklist



Accessibility Checklist



Ensuring Quality Online Instruction



Cuyamaca-Online Blog
Current information for CC faculty about Blackboard, websites, and online teaching and learning.


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Here you will find a summary of various terms and abbreviations used on the site.


Tom Doyle's original vision for this site.


All that made this site possible.