Australia Photo Journal

During the month of March 2004, I accompanied my husband touring Australian botanic gardens and production nurseries.  While he worked, I took these photos of our wonderful journey.  My "family letter" provides a written record of our adventures.  I have additional files on my web page with many, many, more photos. 

If you are a "foodie" like moi, you may enjoy our exploration of incredible Australian cuisine. Among the files, are photos for my Sociology and American Sign Language classes as well as a "sociology teacher's view of horticulture."  There is a folder on "Art" including wall art, decorative arts, paintings, fiber art, fashion, and jewelry.   I collect interesting "signs" which have their own folder.   As our trip progresses, I will continue to add photos, and Brad will  update the links.  Brad is sending this before some of the above mentioned files are online, they will be shortly.    Enjoy!

San Diego to Melbourne
Werribee Park - The Mansion Hotel
Chirnside Mansion at Werribee Park
Road to Canberra
Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens
Sydney Cityscape, Museums, Restaurants and People
Downtown Sydney
Darling Harbor
Sydney Opera House
Sunday in Sydney

San Diego to Melbourne

We Depart...

Please note, two carry on pieces per passenger and NO checked still my heart.

Thank you Jennifer!

First View of Australia

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We heeded the warning to take the train...

The Grand Prix, Moomba Festival, and Labor Day were only a few of the events in Melbourne the weekend we arrived!

The Melbourne Royal Botanic Garden

See Brad's web page for the beautiful horticulture photos.

Tour guide Nancy McAlister and Brad

They got along so well that Mrs. McAlister invited us to her home for a "spot of tea."

A flower clock for Dee.

More photos on my a sociology teacher visits horticulture link.

The Craft Cabin at the Botanic Garden

Master craftspeople use materials from the garden to create works of art.

Street Entertainers

Street Artists

A bit of color


Students in both public and private schools wear uniforms.

Mini Grand Prix

Telephone company set up a "practice" track for youngsters in downtown Melbourne

A young fan...

See many more photos of children in the Sociology file.

The real Grand Prix track

As close as I could get without a real ticket.

St. Kilda

An absolute sugar feast for the eyes...

St. Kilda Wall Art

One sample, see index page.

St. Kilda Botanic Garden

My interest in the St. Kilda Botanic Garden

A visit to the Victorian College for the Deaf

In Australia "college" refers to K-12 preparatory schools. "Uni" is the term to cover Freshmen to Seniors in higher education.

Victorian College for the Deaf

Victorian College for the Deaf

Melbourne Chinatown

Church in Chinatown

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Werribee Park--The Mansion Hotel

When Brad booked the airline tickets he didn't realize that Melbourne would be hosting the Grand Prix and the Moomba Festival.  It was also Victoria's Labor Day.  To my delight, ALL Melbourne hotels were full booked so we had to stay in Werribee Park!

The Mansion Hotel, Werribee Park

The Mansion Hotel

Brad arriving "Aussie" style.

The Lobby.

The Lobby

Room 330

The Library

The Snooker Room

I didn't even know that Brad played snooker!

Our Breakfast Table

Garden View from the Breakfast Room


What a wonderful practice, every place we stayed, no matter how modest or how luxurious, there was always a full tea service.

"My Spa"

What a wonderful experience!

Brad's First Boags

...a Tazmanian beer.

Shadowfax Winery at Werribee Park

2003 Sauvignon Blanc, 2003 Pinot Gris, 2002 Chardonnay, 2002 Werribee Shiraz

A Wedding in the Park

A Wedding in the Park

For Diane. There are many more in the a sociology teacher visits horticulture link.

"Naked Ladies"

My mother-in-law's favorite flowers, a beautiful grouping in the Werribee Park garden.

Open Range Zoo at Werribee Park

The zoo was adjacent to the hotel on a gravel road, this is what we saw our first evening...yes, we wondered if we had made the wrong turn

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Chirnside Mansion at Werribee Park

Thomas and Andrew Chirnside were “squatter” brothers from Scotland who hoped to establish a colonial aristocracy in Australia.  Werribee Park was a center of top level social life in the latter part of the 19th century.  According the catalog, they could easily afford  the best of everything and spent vast sums of money in doing so.  They also developed resources to improve rural Australia and developed the foundation upon which Australia’s wool industry was built.  Following their deaths, the empire greatly disintegrated.  In 1922 the mansion was bought by the Catholic Church and used as a seminary.  The Saint Joseph Wing was erected for trainee priests.  The property and the mansion were acquired by the Government of Victoria in the 1960s.  In 2000 the St Josephs wing section was leased to a hotel management chain and is now known as The Mansion Hotel at Werribee Park (see above).


Chirnside Mansion

This is actually part of the Sculpture Exhibit, twenty five scale installations "competing" for the Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award

I am "home..."

Breakfast Room

Many more photos in Sociology file.


This wonderful mansion museum had a "try on" room where you could "play" with the 19th century dress.


The Mansion was purchased by the Catholic church and used as a seminary.

St. Joseph's Wing

Housing for trainee priests.

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Road to Canberra

After five days in Melbourne, we drove to Canberra, capitol of Australia.

A rainbow on the road to Canberra

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While Brad spent his days at the Australia National Botanic Garden, I toured Canberra, on foot...

Canberra Urban Sculpture

Canberra, Capitol of Australia

Flags leading to Parliament House. While Brad spent the day at the Australian National Botanic Gardens, I toured the Parliament House and High Court.

National Library

The Captain Cook Memorial Jet in Lake Burley Griffin

Walter Burley Griffin, an American, won an international competition to design Canberra.

Not everyone is working...

On the road from "downtown" Canberra

Flag on the Parliament Building

Parliament Flagpole

The flagpole is 266 feet tall.

Cage for Flag Changing

The flag is changed once a month. Flag changers enter this cage in a prone position, ride the cage to the top and make the switch. The cage is located on one of the supports. The flag is 12.8 meters by 6.4 meters.

View from the top of the building, under the flagpole

The Parliament House is built into the side of a mountain. The flagpole is on the grassed over building roof .

Aboriginal Mosiac

Made of over 100,000 pieces of hand guillotined granite, the mosaic was designed by Michael Tjakamarra Nelson. It depicts a gathering of men from the kangaroo, wallaby and goanna groups of ancestors.

Australian Coat of Arms

The emblems of the six States of Austria are featured on the shield between the Kangaroo and the Emu. (Despite many encouraging us to try kangaroo and emu meat, we have passed. Too many readings of "Winnie the Pooh.")

The Australian Head of State

Members Hall

Center of Parliament House, in the middle of the ground floor is the Reflective Pool, a solid slab of South Australian black granite over which water flows.

Embroidery Work

One part of a 16 metre-long embroidery a gift from the Embroidery Guilds throughout Australia. Each of the eight sections deals with a different historical period...before European colonization to modern times. Approximately 500 members of the Embroidery Guilds worked on the piece which took 12,000 hours to complete. Mom, Marta, Maren, and Mia more pictures in Art link.

Tapestry in the Great Hall

This incredible tapestry, believed to be the second largest in the world, shows a eucalyptus forest in South Wales. Woven by the Victorian Tapestry Workshop, it took a team of 13 full time weavers 2 and 1/2 years to complete. It was based on a painting by Australian artist Arthur Boyd. The painting hangs in another part of the building.

Magna Carta

One of four surviving originals of the 1297 "Inspeximus issue of Magna Carta." Susan, my pictures didn't come out as well as I had hoped, but I did see it!

Parliament House Foyer

Thre are a48 grey green, marble clad pillars designed to be reminiscent of a forest of eucalyptus. Andrew and Christian, the marble has marine fossils.

Human Rights Demonstration

"Stop the Persecution of Falun Gong" The Parliament sent a representative to speak at the peaceful demonstration while an outspoken Australian denounced the group for using Parliament House grounds for what he called political purposes...

High Court

Water Treatment from entrance to High Court to street

Jami, many more building and water features in Sociology folder.

High Court Tapestry

This tapestry shows the Court of Arms for the six Australian States.


One of three courtrooms in the High Court.

National Museum of Australia in Canberra

Museum Shop

First Australians Exhibit

Museum curators were overwhelming cooperative and allowed me to take several hundred exhibit and text photos. They are in the Sociology file.

First Australians Exhibit

"Annihiliation of the Blacks"

This sculpture was created by Fiona Foley, a Butchulla woman from Queensland. Foley was inspired by her mother’s accounts of massacres of Aboriginal people in the Maryborough and Fraser Island areas during the second half of the 19th century

Romance with the Royals

Studying in the Museum

Garden of Australian Dreams

A controversial hardscape covering the interior courtyard of the museum.

Art Gallery Wall Art

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Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

Brad spent five very long, productive days and evenings in the Sydney area meeting with garden curators, production nursery owners, and academics.  I explored Sydney on foot, great walking city.  Brad was able to join me for part of Saturday and Sunday.

Woolloomooloo Entrance to the Gardens

Brad and a Fig Tree

a really, really, big fig tree...

Fruit Bats

We were there during "mating" season so there were over 12,000 bats in residence. They screech...

Fruit Bats

All my associations are with Halloween...At dusk, they take to the skies and it is either very exciting or disgusting, depending on your position on fruit bats.

Fruit Bats at Night

Sydney Cityscape, Museums, Restaurants and People

Mud Crabs at Kingsleys

Elizabeth Bay

View from our apartment.

Elizabeth Bay

View from our apartment.

Kings Cross

Our neighbors :)

Sydney Exhibition Center

Darling Harbor

Tetsuya's on Kent Street

Dinner at Tetsuya's

See letter and foodie link for complete description of this Happy Birthday Brad Celebration

Confit of Petuna Tasmanian Ocean Trout with Konbu, Radish, Coriander and Ginger, Tetsuya's signature dish.


Another Sydney star...meat pies...awesome

Australian Museum

Australian Museum

From the museum's Aboriginal culture displays. Again, curators wonderfully helpful in allowing me to photograph exhibits and text. Many more slides in Sociology link.

Australian Museum

Christian Missionary Church

Australian Museum

Australian Museum

Contemporary Aboriginal artists have created works full of anger and rage. Compelling. More in Sociology and Art links.

Australian Museum


Australian Museum

Domestic Violence poster.

Australian Museum

Someone has an wonderful sense of whimsy. Chair actually rocks, exhibit is called "Home Sweet Home."

Art Gallery of New South Wales

Art Gallery of New South Wales

Powerhouse Museum

Estonian jeweler, for Ingrid.

Powerhouse Museum


The Rocks: Sailor Thai's

Rock Pool's chef said this was the best Thai food in Sydney.

Sailor Thai's

Prawn Spring Rolls, more photos on "Foodie" link.

Sailor Thai's

Chef-owner and me...

The Market at the Rocks

Colorful Handpainted Aprons and Bags

"Uni" Freshmen

The Nelson Mandela Gallery

St. Patrick's "Day" is a weeklong celebration at the Rocks

Seriously Irish

Wedding Walk

I use these photos in my Sociology 125 class "Marriage, Family, and Alternative Lifestyles."

Sydney Harbor Bridge

It is one of the world’s longest single-span bridges.

Walking on the Bridge

For a $180 ticket, you can walk the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Wedding Reception

'Aussie Beauties"

"Aussie Blokes"

admiring Aussie beauties...the boat went past just as the picture of the young wedding guests was being taken...

Susannah Place

A1840s row house turned museum.

Australian Hotel

Heritage registered Australian Hotel which boasts “top Aussie beers,” with over 40 varieties of beer from every state. Serving Beez neez...two sips was enough for me.

Gave wonderful directions ...

Climbing from the bay

Sandstone with a brick brace

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Darling Harbour

Originally a shipping and storage area for the city, Darling Harbour is now a waterfront shopping and entertainment complex.  I saw musicians, dancers, and mime artists along wonderful promenades, gardens, and parklands.

Darling Harbor

City view from Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour Hotels

School children on a field trip to the IMAX

Monorail track over the walking bridge

One of those promenades I mentioned...

Sydney Aquarium, city side of Darling Harbour

"I was there..."

Australian National Maritime Museum

A real find...documented groups of Europeans immigrating to Australia prior to, and during, Hitler's Germany. Catalog's U.S. and Australia's early maritime relationships.

Museum's Vessels

Some of the vessels at the museum's dock which can be boarded

AMP Tower from Darling Harbour

Australian National Maritime Museum

Surprising "find!"

U.S. and Australia

auf Deutschland

Women in the Australian Navy

Australian WRENS

The equivalent of our WAVES.



My German Grandfather was a master tailor who immigrated to the United States.

Postcard Home

"Do Not Contact Us"

Shanghai and Jews

Polish Jews, 1943

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Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Shameless number of pictures in Sociology link, from the Botanic Gardens, Circular Quay, Sydney Harbor Bridge, and the Harbor itself.

Concrete Interior Wall

View from the"terrace"

Here is where we enjoyed the "intervals" during La Traviata.

La Traviata

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Sunday in Sydney

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

LCA here means, the Lutheran Church of Australia!

The Boon Family

We met Shirley's friends Gael, Aimee, and Lindsey Boon. Gael was a bridesmaid in Shirley and Jerry's wedding. Aimee is Shirley's wonderful God-Daughter.

The ferry back to Sydney

After a lovely lunch at Doyles on the Beach Watsons Bay, we took the ferry back to Circular Quay.

Brad and Gael

From the Harbor

Back on land...

Sydney Harbor Bridge

The beginning of a weeklong celebration

Living on the street...

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More Photos of Downtown Sydney