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Insert Image

How to insert an image in the Blackboard Visual Text Box Editor.

Click on the Attach Image icon

Step 1 - Select Image

Click the Browse button and navigate to the location of the file that contains the picture you want to add. If the file is located on a web server, you can type the URL into the Specify Source URL box.

Step 2 - Image Options

Set Width - Enter the width of the image in pixels. Not required.
Set Height - Enter the height of the image in pixels. Not required.
Image Target URL - If you want a click on the image to link to another web page, put the URL of the page you want to link to here. Not required.
Launch in new window - Select Yes to have the file open in a new separate window. Select No to have the file open in the content frame. Not required.
Border - None = no border, 1 = 1 pixel border, 2 = 2 pixel border, 3 = 3 pixel border. Not required.
Alt Text - Enter a brief description of the picture. This is required for accessibility.

Step 3 - Submit

Click Submit to finish.