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SharePoint Designer Workshops

Rhonda Bauerlein
Rocky Rose

SharePoint Designer workshops will introduce the Microsoft SharePoint Designer software to Cuyamaca College faculty and staff.  If you want to create a new website, or want to update a page you already have, please come to this workshop and learn this web editing program.

SharePoint Designer is the program Microsoft created to replace their outdated FrontPage product.  This program seems on the surface to be very similar to FrontPage, in that it works like most other Microsoft programs, easing the learning curve.  However, the web pages created with SharePoint are more standards compliant and don't have the quirks that gave FrontPage such a bad reputation.  It is a greatly improved product that will help Cuyamaca College faculty and staff create their websites.

SharePoint Designer Resources

SharePoint Designer Quick Guide

SharePoint Designer for your home computer is free!