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Sign up for English 135-138 this semester.

Cuyamaca College has an odd journalism arrangement stemming from the 1978 charter of our district. For reasons buried in the Pleistocene, some majors are offered at one college but cannot be offered at the other: We have engineering and Grossmont College has nursing; we have horticulture and our sister college has--yes--journalism. The list goes on....

The Grossmont journalism program is extensive and quite impressive, but Cuyamaca is restricted only to producing a college newspaper, surely a necessity at any college. Our program amounts to four courses, really the same course offered in four-semester repetitive sequences, in which students create a paper, the Coyote Express. They receive transferable elective credit, but "journalism" doesn't appear as such on their transcripts.

Downside: no journalism degree.
Upside: If you're interested in building real-world experience in public writing, you'll get vastly more of your stuff into print than you would working in a full-scale journalism program. A résumé loaded with real published work is one shiny résumé!

Click here to read archived editions of Coyote Express.


Composition Sequence

Pre-transfer composition

  • English 090: Basic English Skills
    Composing sentences and one or more paragraphs. Grammar, punctuation, usage.
  • English 098: English Fundamentals
    Introduction to the writing process: sentence patterns, paragraphs, one essay. Grammar, punctuation, usage.
  • English 110: Basic Composition
    Preparation for transfer-level composition. Practice in the writing process: sentences, paragraphs, and essays, one with minor research. Satisfies general education (AA) requirement.

Transfer-level composition

  • English 120: College Composition and Reading
    Elements and principles of composition. Essays and a major research paper. Readings to stimulate critical thinking.
  • English 124: Advanced Composition: Critical Reasoning and Writing
    Critical thinking, reading, and writing: logic, analysis, argumentation, and research.

Teachers: Click here for a complete course guide, including harmonization of composition with ESL courses and a more complete discussion of the skills sequence.

Literature Courses

  • English 122: Introduction to literature
  • English 202: Film as literature
  • English 214: Masterpieces of drama
  • English 217: Science fiction and fantasy
  • English 221 & 222: British literature I & II (before and after 1800)
  • English 231 & 232: American literature I & II (before and after the Civil War)
  • English 270: World literature

    and more

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