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This link will take you to some brief lessons in the areas of grammar and usage which give students most trouble. These lessons are not comprehensive, but they are a good place to begin.

You also will find links to outside sites specializing in these areas.

Then be sure to consult your favorite writing handbook. Keys for Writers by Ann Raimes is a good one. On any computer with CommonSpace installed--including those in the Cuyamaca College English Writing Lab--you may access Keys for Writers by Ann Raimes on-line. (You will find it in the CommonSpace "Help" menu.) In our Writing Lab you also may use such software as Practical Grammar to hone your editing skills. Ask the writing tutors or lab aides for assistance.


The Spring 2002 English 100 Bridge class created a page suggesting strategies and exploring resources helpful for achieving success in college.

Forum for Teaching Excellence

On-going professional-development opportunity: Certainly our most valuable asset at Cuyamaca College is our constellation of innovative teachers, both full- and part-time. And our best vehicle for nurturing effectiveness in the classroom is the sharing of ideas. Our primary focus in this session is the sharing of pedagogical strategies in the communication arts, but anyone is welcome who is anxious to teach writing and reading better. Come prepared to share your best discoveries. Come with questions and problems. Come ready to collaborate with your colleagues. Check your schedule each semester for times and places. Write Tim Pagaard with suggestions or questions.

Fall 2010
TL Pagaard