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Using course pages

English 098
English fundamentals

English 120
College compositiion
and reading

English 122
Introduction to literature

English 124
Advanced composition

English 135-138
Newspaper production

English 221 & 222
British literature I & II

English 231 & 232
American literature I & II

Class policies

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed."

--Dwight D

Your guide to each of my courses

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Finding your way around the course pages

Phræsti coursesCourse pages are linked at left. Here's how you should use yours.

What does "phræsti" mean?

The Syllabus link features a description of your course, the books and other materials you'll need to buy, any policies and procedures unique to the course, grading scales, and an explanation of all activities and assignments.

The Schedule is a detailed listing of dates and due dates for all course activities, including reading and writing assignments, quizzes and tests, lab events, etc. I will hold to it rigorously, and if there is any need to reschedule an activity, I'll immediately post an updated version of the schedule to the Web-site.

I don't always ignore your e-mail. But when I do it's because the answer is in the syllabus.

Submission of assignments explains in detail how and when to complete all writing assignments for your course: format (also see the MLA page in the Resouces section of this site), editing standards, drafts and other attachments, etc.

If your course features a journal, Journal questions takes to you a page listing the prompts to which I'd like you to respond. You'll also find details about format, quantity, and the content of your entries.

Be sure also to check the Resources section, where on the opening page you'll find the evaluation instruments I use to grade your work: small slips for you to attach to paragraphs and literary analyses you write, and a response and evaluation cover sheet for longer essays you submit for composition courses.


This section features links to all handouts for the course, including supplementary materials for lectures and assignment sheets.

These handouts are all listed on your Schedule page, marked like this: W (for Web). Please print these and bring them to class on the dates listed. You have no idea how much paper I can conserve when you do this: Handouts that I used to distribute the old-fashioned way require an unbelievable quantity of overage and wasted copies left in class by the laggardly who had no intention of ever reading them.

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Necessary software

Most links on the course pages take you to documents in Portable Document Format (PDF); you can open them only if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. To get Acrobat Reader for free click this link or the "Acrobat" link at the right of any page in this site. PDF files are fully accessible and printable regardless of your operating platform, the applications or fonts you have installed, etc. Acrobat Reader is already installed on all computers on campus.

Other links at right will help you to update your browser and to view Flash documents found on course pages. These updates are also free.


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