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MLA conventions,
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"Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime."

--Ernest Hemingway

Style, standards, and support

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Tools for MLA format and documentation

The writing you submit for my classes must be formatted precisely according to the conventions prescribed by the MLA. This page provides you with some useful tools to use as you format and document your work. For details and explanations, consult the MLAHandbook for Writers of Research Papers.

MLA format overview
A very basic illustration (with explanatory call-outs) of general format, "Works Cited" format, and annotation for your "Works Cited" page.

Microsoft Word template fully formated to MLA specifications
Download this Word file for each of your assignments, replace the generic stuff with yours, and the format of the work you submit will be perfect.

MLA citation
How to cite various types of materials (use the gold-colored link, "Citing sources," in the menu at top left of the site).

Citation Machine
This is a great tool for setting up your citations of various types of material: An easy fill-in-the-blank form will walk you through your citations (both "Works Cited" and in-text parenthetical). Hit "Submit," and your ready-to-use citation can be copied and pasted right into your page.

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Instruments I use for evaluating your writing

Paragraph evaluation slips
For all my basic-composition courses. Please print a page or two of these, cut them into separate slips, and staple them to the upper left-hand corner of paragraphs you submit. Leave the slips blank except for your name, section number, and assignment number.

Literary analysis evaluation slips
For all my literature courses. Please print a page or two of these, cut them in half as noted, and staple them to the upper left-hand corner of analyses you submit. Leave the slips blank except for your name, section number, and assignment number.

Essay evaluation form
For all my compostition courses, basic through advanced. Please print these and staple them to the upper left-hand corner of essays you submit. Leave them blank except for your name and section number. On the reverse side find a checklist for MLA documentation. Your goal will be not to check any boxes—signifying that all your documentation is correct according to MLA convention.

Correction symbols
I respond to your writing in the margins and between the lines of your draft, making comments and suggestions for revision. I also mark mechanical errors, using both standard English-teacherly grammar notation and the familiar correction symbols used in industry. These are explained in this document. If you have any questions as to my meaning, please see me or consult your usage handbook.

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Where to go for help and resources

The writing center
The Reading and Writing Center at Cuyamaca College, open to students at all levels, beginning through advanced, offers learning assistance in writing, reading, ESL, research, paper formatting, and other communication-arts skills. At the Center, you can get friendly, personal tutoring help with your course work or take a variety of mini-courses to supplement your regular college curriculum.

Cuyamaca College library (LRC)
Cuyamaca has an impressive library for a college of our size. The library site provides useful information for all the research you'll need to do: using physical on-campus resources, Web resources, and our own wide array of research databases, such as Infotrac and the Literature Resource Center (you'll be asked to enter your college username and password if you're accessing these links from off-campus).

Computer help desk
Part of the college Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) site, the help desk provides extensive information about using both Macintosh and Windows platforms, as well as several common applications for both. When you need help with anything computer related, you're likely to find it on this page.


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