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"What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof."

--Christopher Hitchens

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I teach English--that is, rhetoric and literature--at Cuyamaca College. You can use this site to learn about my college, my courses, and me. The opinions posted on my site are mine alone and those of the authors and speakers cited. Inclusion here does not imply the endorsement of Cuyamaca College.

I'm anxious to hear your opinions...

...especially when they differ from mine, whether you are enrolled in a class of mine or not. Such conversations are the entire point of an institution of higher learning. Click here.

900 Rancho San Diego Parkway
El Cajon, California 92019

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Tim.Pagaard@gcccd.edu | Office B-173

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Employers want college graduates who can think critically and communicate in writing.
"I Won't Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar: Here's Why"

Everything in this site is certifiably phræsti.

PhræstiWhat does "phræsti" mean?

When my son Greg was learning to talk, he came up with an all-purpose adjective, "phræsti" (sounds like frosty, rhymes with nasty; the spelling is my guess). Phræsti could mean anything he liked, as in "Dad, that's a phræsti truck!" (good) or "Ick, I feel phræsti" (bad). At the time I thought this was a useful invention, and I still do. So most of what I do or think can be safely classified as phræsti. Look for this mark on all fine elements of my site.


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