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Transfer Options

If you have to delay your transfer to SDSU for a year


If you want to live in San Diego during the 2014-2015 academic year:

1.      Enroll in six units at Cuyamaca College and cross enroll in one upper division general education course at SDSU.  The fee is $52 per course and you are limited to one course per semester. Make an appointment with a counselor to find out more about the cross enrollment policy at SDSU, CSU San Marcos and UCSD. 

2.     Register for additional SDSU courses through the Open University program.  The Open University registration fee is $199 per unit.  Go to http://www.ces.sdsu.edu/open.asp for more information about the program.

3.     If your major is offered at a private university in San Diego, meet with a counselor to determine if you may be able to transfer to that Private/Independent university.



If you are willing to leave San Diego for awhile


1.      Apply to another CSU campus for the spring 2015 or fall 2015 semester.  Go to www.csumentor.edu/filing_status/ to find out what California State Universities are open.  Re-apply to SDSU for fall 2015 in October-November 2014.  The upper division units you’ve earned can be transferred to SDSU.

2.     If you want to study abroad for a semester or two, you can apply to an open CSU campus and simultaneously apply to the CSU International Program.  Go to International Programs /CSU Apply to SDSU in October-November 2014 to transfer to that university after a year abroad.


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