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Anthropology (Archaeology) B.A.
Anthropology (Biological Anthropology) B.A.
Anthropology B.A.
Biochemistry/Chemistry B.S.
Biology, Human, B.S.
Chemical Education B.S.
Chemical Physics B.S.
Chemistry B.S.
Chemistry/Earth Sciences B.S.
Chemistry: Bioinformatics B.S.
Chinese Studies B.A.
Classical Studies B.A.
Cognitive Science B.A./B.S.
Cognitive Science with Specialization in Clinical Aspects of Cognition, B.S.
Cognitive Science with Specialization in Computation, B.S.
Cognitive Science with Specialization in Human Cognition, B.S.
Cognitive Science with Specialization in Human Computer Interaction, B.S.
Cognitive Science with Specialization in Neuroscience, B.S.
Communication B.A.
Critical Gender Studies B.A.
Dance B.A.
Earth Sciences - Chemistry B.S.
Earth Sciences - Physics B.S.
Earth Sciences B.S.
Economics and Mathematics (joint major) B.A.
Economics B.A.
Environmental Chemistry B.A./B.S.
Environmental Systems (Earth Sciences) B.S.
Environmental Systems (Ecology, Behavior and Evolution) B.S.
Environmental Systems (Environmental Chemistry) B.S.
Environmental Systems (Environmental Policy) B.A.
Ethnic Studies B.A.
German Studies B.A.
History B.A.
Human Development B.A.
International Studies - Anthropology B.A.
International Studies - Economics B.A.
International Studies - History B.A.
International Studies - Linguistics B.A.
International Studies - Literature B.A.
International Studies - Political Science B.A.
International Studies - Sociology B.A.
Italian Studies B.A.
Japanese Studies B.A.
Judaic Studies B.A.
Latin American Studies B.A.
Linguistics - Language Studies, Specialization in Individual Languages, B.A.
Linguistics - Specialization in Cognition and Language, B.A.
Linguistics - Specialization in Language and Society, B.A.
Linguistics B.A.
Literature, Composite Major B.A.
Literature, French B.A.
Literature, German B.A.
Literature, Italian B.A.
Literature, Russian B.A.
Literature, Spanish B.A.
Literature/Writing B.A.
Literatures in English B.A.
Literatures of the World B.A.
Management Science B.S.
Mathematics - Computer Science B.A.
Mathematics - Secondary Education B.A.
Mathematics and Economics (joint major) B.A.
Mathematics B.A.
Mathematics, Applied (Scientific Programming), B.A.
Mathematics, Applied B.A.
Mathematics, Applied Science B.A.
Mathematics, Scientific Computation, B.S.
Molecular Synthesis B.S.
Music B.A.
Music/Humanities B.A.
Music/Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts B.A.
Pharmacological Chemistry B.S.
Philosophy B.A.
Physics B.S.
Physics with Specialization in Astrophysics B.S.
Physics with Specialization in Computational Physics B.S.
Physics with Specialization in Earth Sciences B.S.
Physics with Specialization in Materials Physics B.S.
Physics, General B.A.
Physics, General/Secondary Education B.A.
Physics/Biophysics B.S.
Political Science - American Politics
Political Science - Comparative Politics
Political Science - International Relations B.A.
Political Science - Political Theory B.A.
Political Science - Public Law B.A.
Political Science - Public Policy B.A.
Political Science B.A.
Psychology B.A./B.S.
Religion, Study of B.A.
Russian and Soviet Studies B.A.
Sociology B.A.
Theatre B.A.
Third World Studies B.A.
Urban Studies and Planning B.A.
Visual Arts (Art History/Criticism) B.A.
Visual Arts (Media) B.A.
Visual Arts (Studio) B.A.
Visual Arts /Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts B.A.

Division of Biological Sciences
Animal Physiology and Neurosciences B.S.
Biochemistry and Cell Biology B.S.
Biology with Specialization in Bioinformatics B.S.
Biology, General B.S.
Ecology, Behavior and Evolution B.S.
Microbiology B.S.
Molecular Biology B.S.

The Jacobs School of Engineering
Aerospace Engineering B.S.
Aerospace Engineering, B.S. (Structural Engineering)
Bioengineering (Biotechnology) B.S.
Bioengineering B.S.
Bioengineering: Bioinformatics B.S.
Bioengineering: Premedical B.S.
Chemical Engineering B.S.
Computer Engineering B.S.
Computer Science B.A./B.S.
Computer Science with Specialization in Bioinformatics B.S.
Electrical Engineering B.S.
Engineering Physics B.S.
Engineering Science B.S.
Environmental Engineering B.S.
Mechanical Engineering B.S.
Structural Engineering B.S.

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