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What is Transfer?
Transfer is continuing your education at a four-year college or university, usually after completing your first two years at a community college. If planned correctly, the courses that you successfully complete at community college will be used for your Bachelor degree just as if they had been taken at the four-year school.  Cuyamaca College transfers students to many public and private/independent colleges and universities.  In addition, Cuyamaca College has articulation agreements with all the CSU's, UC's and other private/independent colleges and universities that make the educational planning and course selection process easier to follow.

Why should you transfer?
The purpose of transferring is to earn a Bachelor degree from a university. Students choose to earn a Bachelor degree for many different reasons, including:

  • Preparation for a specific career or major

  • Promotional opportunities within a current career

  • Academic interest

  • Personal growth and development

  • Preparation for a professional degree (law school, medical school)

What you should consider:
There are important decisions you need to make in order to choose the right courses to prepare you for transfer:

  1. Your career objective, which determines the type of degree you need and your choices for selecting a major.

  2. Your major, or the field of study you will emphasize at the university.

  3. Your transfer university - important questions to ask when choosing a university.

Your Education Plan
An education plan is a pattern of courses you take at community college that prepares you to transfer to a university in a specific major. It usually includes:

  • General Education, which are courses from a variety of disciplines that help you develop a well-rounded education. can give you specific information about general education requirements for the CSU and UC systems.

  • Preparation for Major courses, which are courses you take to prepare to study your major at the university.  See for information about various majors within the CSU and UC systems.

  • Electives, which are additional courses taken to meet the number of units required to transfer or earn a degree.

Many universities require you to apply for admission about one year prior to your expected transfer date. If you wish to apply to a CSU, visit, or the UC at

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